Dog Solve Incorporated is a Virginia based Dog Obedience Training Corporation

Developed and Incorporated in 2004 by Police K-9 Trainers with over 35 years teaching police and civilian dog obedience courses.

We have recently expanded our civilian group classes on a nationwide basis. Our Police and Military K-9 Trainers have proven throughout history to have the expertise in the training of service dogs in numerous tasks required for law enforcement and military duties. We now offer those training insights to the Civilian dog owner community.

After operating civilian dog obedience courses in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, we have decided to expand nationwide.

All Instructors are current or former law enforcement and military K-9 Officers with state or federal certification and a minimum of three years “Street” experience in K-9 training.

Our training methods are simple. Every student will be offered several methods for each training task, and the students are allowed to pick the training style that best fits his / her style. Students also are allowed to choose what training equipment is best for them and their dog. Many, if not all courses, do not. We firmly believe, “It’s your dog. You choose the best humane training method and equipment that fits your training style”.

Our classes not only cover general dog obedience and handler skills, but problem solving and situational training for all attendees.

Our group classes will be offered in Puppy Obedience, Adult Dog Beginner classes and in the near future, we will be offering Advanced Obedience.