Parking Lot Lease Proposal

Is your parking lot making you money during non-use hours?

Dog Solve Incorporated is a Virginia based Corporation, formed by Police K-9 Instructors to instruct Group Dog Obedience Courses to the general dog owning public in your community. Dog Solve Inc. has been providing these professional dog training services to the public since 1984 in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. All Instructors are certified Police or Military K-9 Trainers who have completed mandatory State or Federal approved Law Enforcement K-9 certification courses. Each Instructor is required to have a minimum of Three (3) years Police or Military K-9 experience. Many have been training Military and Civilian Police dogs for decades.

With our direct access to Police and Military K-9 Instructors in every state, Dog Solve Incorporated is looking to partner with nationwide businesses by leasing a small section of their outdoor parking lot during non-peak or non-use hours, (7:00p.m. – 10:00 p.m.), one night a week for 24 Weeks per year.

Our classes are offered through eight, (one hour weekly) sessions for

  1. Puppy Obedience,
  2. Beginner Obedience and
  3. Advanced Obedience training

Totaling 12 hours per month on your Lot.

Annually, classes would run in spring, summer and fall. In certain locales where winter weather is moderate, a fourth eight week session may be offered.

Dog Solve Incorporated provides certified Instructors, covers all required liability insurance, (including Property Owner coverage), student registration, scheduling, billing and assists the Instructor in the class advertising at each location.

Dog Solve Incorporated would pay the fee of $30.00 per attending student for the leasing of your parking lot for a maximum of three hours, once a week.

More than forty percent of all homes, (including your clients, employees and neighbors), are dog owners. It is our goal that when your corporation partners with a professional and established Dog Training company that offers Instructors who exceed the skills of others in the dog training community, that partnership will only enhance your company’s community reputation and income.

Offering this service will cost the property owner nothing in monetary expenses or liability, but bring in years of goodwill, trust and respect. No corporate advertising can produce the same community admirations and respect that an instructional program, unrelated to their general services, produce. This project is beneficial to the entire community; dog owners or not, alike, by creating a community with better behaved dogs, more responsible dog owners and the continuous impression of a company that cares. You will also be rewarded for bringing law enforcement, military and community closer through non-confrontational related interactions where all parties see one another in positive situations.

If you are interested in leasing your parking lot for this successful program, please contact us at: